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We help small and medium sized businesses look after their cash flow and manage their finances efficiently.

Let Xero-certified accountants help you with credit management

We all know the old adage of ‘cash is king’. Effective and efficient credit control reduces the wait for payment and improves the cash flow of any business.

Imagine a scenario in which your customers have a habit of not clearing your invoices quickly. Your working capital requirements begin to increase, thus making it difficult for you to run your ‘business.’ You then end up dipping into your profitability.

Nobody likes offering their services to those customers who ultimately don’t pay – it is a bit nerve-racking for any budding business. We get it!

However, successful credit management requires resources and expertise that all businesses may not have. That’s where our credit control team can make a difference to your business.

At Adderley, Hill & Co, you can be assured that your credit management is in the hands of experts. We believe professional credit management forms the core of any successful business, and it should never be taken lightly.


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We can help you:


Regain the time to focus on core business activities


Improve your cash flow and budget more accurately


Reduce need for additional funding; save money on borrowing fees


Clear headspace to nurture client relationships


Help implement automated systems to reduce debtor days


Gain access to guidance on occasions invoices become overdue

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We are extremely happy with the service and work that we’ve received from Stephen, Felicity, and their team. They strike exactly the right balance of looking after our interests while playing by the rules too!

Boogie Management Ltd

Adderley, Hill & Co are a pleasure to work with and have been nothing but professional with our accounts. They are friendly and knowledgeable, and we would highly recommend them. Thanks a lot, AH!

Acting Magic Limited

We have nothing but praise for Felicity after having dealt with her over many years. She manages to provide excellent advice while still maintaining a friendly and supportive approach.

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