Assistance with R&D tax credit claims in the UK

When you work with our Xero-certified accounting practice, you can be assured of personalised financial advice that maximises your claim’s accuracy.

Reclaim up to 33% of your R&D costs with the support of Adderley Hill & Co

R&D tax credits are available to all businesses engaged in research and development activities, irrespective of their size.

From chemical engineering to digital development and construction – R&D can take place in any sector.

To benefit from R&D tax incentives, you must be a limited company in the UK, subject to Corporation Tax; or have undertaken any qualifying R&D activities, or spent money on such types of projects.

However, sometimes you could be unsure if you fulfil the set criteria to make a claim successfully. That’s where our expert accountants can help.

We can guide you throughout the claims process – calculate the amount that the government owes you, prepare draft reports, fill and file forms to HMRC, and more.

Looking after your tax affairs is essential, and the UK R&D tax credits incentive is a crucial source towards keeping your company well-funded.

Let us manage this for you.

We are experts in our field – you can trust us!

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    Costs qualifying for R&D tax credits:


    Staff salaries, pension contributions, employer’s NIC, and reimbursed expenses


    Materials and consumables transformed by the R&D process.


    Freelancers and subcontractors


    Some types of software solutions

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